As Licensed Professionals, our team has been specially trained (and tested) by the State of Texas to adhere to proficient sanitation procedures and techniques during events such as a Pandemic or Virus outbreak.

We take each and every detail into consideration for every single client, and take the safety of our artists and clients very seriously.

We’re trained and prepared to handle client infections such as; HIV/ AIDS, HSV-1 & HSV-2, etc.

Some of the mediums we use to maintain our spaces:
*Anti-microbial cleansers
*Barbicide disinfectant solution
*Hibiclens Antiseptic Surgical Sterilization Liquid
*Isopropyl Alcohols 70% – 91%
*Ultraviolet (UV light) Sterilization Chamber

Silk + Glow COVID-19
Policy and Procedures

Silk + Glow is diligently keeping an eye on Covid updates and variants while also taking into consideration any small appointment bookings. Please refer to this page for any future updates.
All client’s have responsibility to review ALL policies prior to placing a deposit.
–Thank you

*While our Email volume is higher to address any concerns and a massive influx of new bookings and inquires, please keep in mind we are working our hardest to generate a personal email response to each and every person during this time.


ALL postponements due to COVID-19 are handled on a case-by-case basis. We understand that every situation and wedding is unique and we want to take in ALL aspects of your wedding – local mandated laws, and any circumstance that could effect your decision to postpone.

  • If you are directly effected by COVID + mandated postponement due to Texas State government shelter-in-place regulations, you can postpone with a single $300 fee, within one calendar year of postponed date. Your final balance will be due one month before your new date. All standing contract terms and late payment fees do apply.
  • If you are indirectly effected by COVID regulations/postponing for preventative measures, (most common) you can postpone by paying a new retainer fee in full, which is 40% of our 2022-2023 package rate to reserve your new date. All previous contract terms will be unaltered and held accordingly.

Booking your New Date

+A second signed addendum agreement must be signed to reschedule the event agreeing upon the terms and new payment plan. Client & Vendor will not alter any previously signed contracts.
+The rescheduling fee must be paid in full to secure the postponed date. This fee is treated as your new retaining deposit to book your *NEW* date. If your package was previously paid in full, we have a secondary fee to secure your new date.
+The artist(s) that are assigned to the new date may not be the same artist(s) that the client had previously worked with on the date that was originally scheduled. However, Silk + Glow will do their best to provide those same artist(s)/ artist(s) of the same proficiency.

Standard Cancellation Policies still apply for all bookings.
If you are sick or have been around anyone who has been ill, please reschedule your appointment. Silk + Glow will do the same to prevent spreading any illness.
If you display symptoms similar or relating to COVID, your stylist may refuse services and leave your appointment without refund.

How to Help your Beauty Team Post Covid-Aftermath:

  • Make Future Reservations
  • Leave a 5 STAR Review Online
  • Like, Comment, or Share their Posts
  • Refer Friends and Family to Book Future Appointments
  • Purchase Gift Certificates to redeem in the future



Being a Covid bride wasn’t what we had planned, but I’ve never felt more beautiful than I did after Silk and Glow came to fix me up for our backyard wedding. I definitely recommend them if you want someone who CARES about how you feel and only wants to make sure your end result is absolutely perfect. Couldn’t be happier and we can’t wait for next May!


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